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Director Default Change Control

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The Director of Default Change Control will report to the VP of Default Business Controls and work closely with the internal operational departments as well as external vendors.   The primary responsibility is ensuring a structured environment for change and project management within the Default organization.   In addition to change and project management, completing code cross testing and implementation across all Default lines of business as well as oversight for all updates to job aids and P&P.   The Director of Change Control must demonstrate a strong knowledge and understanding of the various rules/regulations for the GSE and Governmental Agencies.  They are responsible for identifying any issues which may cause risk to Freedom and provide structured communication back to the lines of business.  The Director of Change Control must have the ability to manage a fast paced, ever changing environment across multiple lines of business. They will assist business partners in defining and implementing system enhancements.

Understand the Default department’s use of systems, reports & tools and function as a subject matter expert.
Leverages tools and methodologies to drive implementation consistently across the Default lines of business. 
May deliver presentations and training courses including measurement, analysis, improvement and control. 
Work collaboratively across all departments of Default to help improve the management of a business process.  Focus on the entire process from beginning to end, introducing innovation into the process that can impact results, reduce risk and assist the organization to meet its business objectives goals.
Leads project initiatives within Default Management.
Interfaces with business units and senior leadership to define business requirements.
Must possess the necessary skills to work in conjunction with end users, mid and senior level leadership, project managers and IT professionals. 
Assesses and diffuses problem situations and requires influencing others to reach consensus.
Stays abreast of changes in the servicing industry specific to Default.
Establish and foster a work culture at all levels within the operation, which is positive, collaborative, respectful and capable of driving long term operational sustainability.
Work with senior management to develop and implement new or revised processes and guidelines.
Performs the research and information gathering necessary to define, design, create, and document business requirements and specifications as it relates to the development of reporting solutions.
Works well both independently and as a team to define processes, coordinate work, and manage communications across the business.
Management responsibilities, including hiring and training employees, directing work, monitoring and completing performance evaluations, employee recognition and discipline, addressing complaints and resolving problems.
Keep VP informed of all trends and problems including, but not limited to areas of risk and curtailments, avoidable losses, and compliance problems that will create an “out of compliance” condition or expose Freedom to any risk of exposure or liability.

Assist in identification of business drivers and trends as well as development and execution of strategic
plans to address trends.