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Credit Rptg Rsrch Analyst

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Position Summary:

The Credit Reporting Research Analyst should be proficient in all aspects of credit bureau reporting in order to maintain regulatory compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The position will play a key role in the ongoing monitoring and resolution of regulatory / compliance issues related to credit bureau reporting. The Credit Research Analyst works with various departments to resolve exceptions or respond to requests from internal and external clients. Candidates will perform system testing to prepare for enhancements and system updates as well as provide support to the QC team and assist with audit readiness. Candidates will access multiple internal and external systems to perform their daily job duties.
Essential job duties:

  1. Maintain thorough understanding of Freedom Mortgage’s internal data and information resources as well as departmental processes and procedures.
  2. Perform research and analytical functions to respond to internal requests from all Servicing departments, exception/control reporting, and indirect/direct credit bureau disputes.
  3. Present analyses and recommendations to management in a clear, concise, convincing, and actionable format when applicable
  4. Responsible for summarizing root cause and providing clear responses and communications to a variety of internal customers and to our external customers via dispute response communication
  5. Assess and evaluate data transmitted to the bureaus and how that data is updated by the bureaus via bureau tradeline reviews
  6. Research and assess the rejection processes working directly with the credit reporting agencies.
  7. Train and mentor new employees/peers
  8. Conform with all department policies and procedures
  9. Perform daily functions and adhere to departmental expectations consistently
  10. Maintain regular and punctual attendance. Comply with all company policies and procedures

  1. Maintain thorough understanding of FCRA reporting requirements
  2. Maintain knowledge and expertise in Metro 2 ® reporting standards and CDIA reporting guidelines
  3. Maintain daily work load in a time-sensitive environment
  4. Proficient in all Microsoft applications, excel a plus
  5. Ability to multitask in a past-paced environment
  6. Extremely organizedand detail oriented, Problem solving a must
  7. 3-5 years mortgage servicing experience, Default Servicing a plus
  8. Sagent/Loanserv experience preferred but not required.