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Team Freedom Cares Spotlight: Stephanie C., Team Lead, Exception Handling

Since February of 2015, Stephanie C. has worked at Freedom Mortgage (her first job in the mortgage industry!) in the Exception Handling department, where the company works on problem loans.

When asked about her role at Freedom Mortgage, she told us that her team “...handles the loans that cannot get scheduled for closing. We resolve the problems for the customer and prepare the loan for closing.”

Stephanie was born and raised in the city of Camden, NJ, and she still lives there to this day.

“I hold a seat on the Affirmative Action Board within the city of Camden,” she told us. “On this board, we meet with developers that come into the city to make sure there are jobs for minorities.”

Previously, Stephanie worked with mentally ill and homeless patients as a case manager for 12 years.

“My passion for helping people started when I was young. My mom, who was a single mother, raised my sisters and I to be grateful for what we have and to always lend a helping hand. Working with the homeless population has always kept me humble.”

She is passionate about helping single mothers who need an extra hand. For the past 15 years, she has volunteered with Joseph’s House—a shelter designed to holistically engage with those experiencing homelessness in the hopes of gaining stability and control of their lives.

According to Stephanie, “I cook and pass out platters with family and friends a couple of times a year, as well as participate in different events within the city that involve food banks and shelters.”

This year, Stephanie was one of the many employees who volunteered with Team Freedom Cares’ Holiday Toy Drive, helping deliver toys to hundreds of children and families in need. She continues to help her community during her downtime—and with her volunteer time off!

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