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Team Freedom Cares Employee Spotlight: Cynthia C., IT, Product Owner

Team Freedom Cares is the philanthropic arm of Freedom Mortgage. Their mission is to help the Freedom family make a difference in their communities. In this week's Team Freedom Cares Employee Spotlight, we're featuring Cynthia C.

Working closely with the Development Team and Stakeholders, Cynthia C. is the Product Owner for the Lakewood Platform. For the past three months, she has managed and prioritized a Lakewood technology work backlog.

Born and raised in Michigan, Cyndi now lives in Waterford Township (about 30 miles northwest of Detroit.) She is incredibly involved with philanthropic endeavors, which started when her husband Joe was diagnosed with a pancreatic tumor in October 2018.

“My husband, Joe – a Vietnam Army veteran, loved his family and country,” Cyndi told us. “The best option provided was an extremely invasive surgical procedure. Full of faith, hope, and fear, he chose the procedure to attempt tumor removal. In the first 30 days following the initial operation, he had an additional 27 surgeries. Over the next 3 years, we tried every wound care management, medication, treatment, and approach to aide in his recovery.”

As a result, she started to collect an abundance of supplies and equipment. “I saved every bandage, gel, paste, syringe, or pouch I could because at different times each was usable and important. Maybe it was his military training, superhuman strength, faith, and will to live that drove him to fight. He fought with grace and strength I didn’t know were possible. My hero fought for three very long years before losing his battle in December 2021.”

Although she hoped to donate these supplies to several organizations like nursing facilities, veteran organizations, or even homeless shelters, the COVID-19 pandemic made it difficult. As Cyndi believes, everything happens for a reason. “Like many Americans, the Ukrainian side of my family (mom’s side), felt restless and wanted to help in any way possible when the war in Ukraine broke out. After Joe’s passing, connections took on an entirely different meaning. After hours and hours of searching for an avenue to donate all the medical supplies, I was able to make a connection with a private individual who gathers and ships medical supplies to Ukraine! What an opportunity!

I had the chance to do the right thing and make a difference (and maybe even help save a life) through the love of my husband.  With help from my family and Joe’s spirit, we sorted, organized, and packed these lifesaving supplies for delivery to Ukraine.”

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