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Employee Spotlight Sanhith Tataikalva Employee Spotlight Sanhith Tataikalva

Sanhith Tataikalva - IT First Flyer, Data Engineer (Information Technology)

“My team here is a well-connected group of people. We always keep each other motivated.”

Sanhith’s primary responsibility as a First Flyer Data Engineer is to make updates on Freedom’s intranet as requested. The turnaround time on projects can be crazy, but Sanhith has proven to be agile, tackling whatever comes his way. From the initial development and deployment, overseeing the progression as projects move through testing and production environments, Sanhith manages it all until content goes live on the site.

One of Sanhith’s proudest moments since joining Freedom came when the entire team was given a high-priority project from Executive Vice President, Mike Middleman.

“It was critical new loan handling process offering a 7-day Service Level Agreement (SLA) for each loan. We had to overcome a process that made it difficult for our vendors to achieve. This process was new to everyone. We had to analyze the issues and resolve them, all within condensed timeline. We worked with different vendors and divided our team in to six parts to meet the loan SLA.”

At the conclusion of the project, Sanhith was given the “The GEM (Going the Extra Mile)” award for his relentless efforts.

“I couldn’t have done it without the care and motivation I received from our VP of IT Services, Barbara Coscio. She was always supportive and guided the team through the entire project. Without her, we would not have been able to successfully complete the project in the condensed timeframe.”

“One thing I truly value about Freedom is the management. They’re always positive and help us to learn and grow. Members of the leadership team never miss a chance to teach us something new. They set clear goals and encourage us to achieve them.”

Sanhith believes one thing that really sets Freedom apart from anywhere else is the First Flyer program.

“As an international student, it can be a challenge finding work. But Freedom gave me a chance through their First Flyer program, and I was excited to join the team. To get an opportunity to work with different teams in rotations and discover a specialization is something that I never thought I’d be fortunate enough to find. This program helps me connect with different verticals within the company and build professional connections.”

Sanhith spends his free time on the weekends playing video games and getting plenty of exercise by hiking and exploring small trails. He also participates in a cricket league and has recently started working on his cooking skills. 

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