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Employee Spotlight Katelyn Eisenberg Employee Spotlight Katelyn Eisenberg

Katelyn Eisenberg - Program Manager, Talent Management (Corporate)

“The best part of my job is being able to help recent college graduates start their career.”

Katelyn oversees our First Flyer Program in South Florida for the Boca Raton and Deerfield Beach locations. She assists Freedom’s recruitment team by leading interviews with potential First Flyer candidates. Once a candidate joins the Freedom family, Katelyn does everything from hosting 1:1 evaluations of their performance to helping manage their timecard updates and time-off requests. 

Katelyn will tell you one of the most important parts of her role is to serve as a sounding board for the First Flyers. Whether it’s a question about their role, offering advice on how to handle a tough situation, or simply being a good listener when they’ve had a rough day, Katelyn does whatever she can to let them know she is always in their corner.

“The best part of my job is helping recent college graduates start their career. I remember when I graduated from college, it took me longer than I anticipated to find my first role and to begin feeling like I was succeeding in it. Now that I’m able to help others find success without the struggles that I went through, it’s very gratifying. And it helps that Freedom offers numerous opportunities for growth for our First Flyers.”

Katelyn attributes much of her success at Freedom to her role model – her mother.

“My mother is the most hard-working woman I’ve ever known. She’s been with her company for over 30 years now. She has climbed the ranks all the way up to an executive leadership position while raising two kids as the main provider for the household. She is a selfless person, always making sure people around her are taken care of before she is. I aspire to be like her both personally and professionally. I am who I am because of her strength and dedication.”

When she’s not busy with our First Flyers, Katelyn loves to explore the outdoors, travel, and be a bit of a foodie! She loves to pick new destinations to visit based on opportunities to hike and to try out the local food and drink scene.

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