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Employee Spotlight Bridgette Jones Employee Spotlight Bridgette Jones

Bridgette Jones - Payroll Team Leader (Corporate)

“I love facing challenges as a team and working together to solve them.”


Bridgette helps process payroll for all of Freedom’s nearly 10,000 employees, ensuring each and everyone is paid on time. She conducts payroll audits and new hire audits. She also processes invoices and handles timecard approvals as well.

Whenever a new payroll procedure is needed, Bridgette’s team is there to take on the challenge. Most recently, she led the charge in implementing a new system for rolling over unused time or cashing out paid time off.

We had to account for a lot of information for this process to run smoothly. From running test cycles with new pay and deduction codes to making sure taxes were counted correctly. We worked long hours during the week and put time in on weekends to ensure the data was being accurately imported into the system. As a team, I could not be prouder of how we came together to complete this project. It took countless hours, but we made it happen. I love facing challenges and working together to solve them.

Bridgette attributes her ability to handle challenges in the workplace from having to overcome adversity outside of the office. She cites one moment in her life that helped shape who she is today.

Several years ago, I suffered a serious injury that required multiple surgeries to correct. After having gone through numerous doctor appointments and procedures, I realized it made me a stronger person and showed me that I am more than capable of overcoming even the most difficult of situations. Facing challenges helps you learn and grow as a person, and I’ve brought that perspective to my work here at Freedom.

Bridgette’s skills and experience made her a highly sought-after candidate for several organizations when she began her search for a new role.

“I interviewed at a number of different places before deciding that Freedom was the best fit for me. I wanted a place to learn and develop in my role, with a company that not only valued my work ethic but me as a person.”

When it came time to choose, it didn’t take Bridgette very long to reach a decision.

“Accepting the role at Freedom was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever had to make.” 

For those looking to join the Freedom family, Bridgette offers this piece of advice.

“Make the most of every opportunity here. Make it fun and enjoyable and push yourself beyond your comfort zone; you’ll be surprised just how well you can handle it.”

When she is not in work mode, Bridgette is an avid reader. In particular, she has a passion for all things related to the Harry Potter series.


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