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Employee Spotlight Briana Smith Employee Spotlight Briana Smith

Briana Smith - Senior Closer (Wholesale)

“I always strive to make sure a client knows they are in great hands during the closing process.”


Briana is a “full docs” closer – that means she handles loans that require borrowers to provide all necessary documents to be approved for their home loans. Her daily routine includes reviewing errors and omissions, preliminary closing disclosures, title commitments, taxes, payoffs, income verification and more to ensure that all details match the information in our system. She then prepares documentation and coordinates logistics for the scheduled closing.

“My first week on the floor as a closer, I was working with my Account Executive to finalize a loan and I received a compliment from one of our biggest brokerage clients. He raved about my high level of professionalism and that I was the best closer he has ever worked with. It made me realize how much of an impact I can have as an individual in the success of Freedom and made me really proud of what I do here.”

Providing best-in-class service to our customers is one of the foundations of Freedom’s success, and Briana plays a big role in delivering on that promise.

“I value the customer service here most of all. In other places I’ve worked, the focus has been more on the ‘numbers’, not the quality of service you’re providing. It’s refreshing to work at a place that cares about the work we are doing. I stay motivated by always putting myself in the customers’ shoes – if I were buying or refinancing a home, I’d expect top-level service and to be treated with the attention my loan and situation deserves. I strive to make sure a client knows they are in great hands during the closing process.”

Freedom has built a workplace culture around learning and growing, something Briana believes separates Freedom from other places she’s worked. If you’re considering applying for a role with Freedom, Briana offers this insight.

 “Just be yourself and show your personality during the interview process. Freedom is welcoming and really encourages individuality and uniqueness. And the best thing you can do is show that you have the desire to build a career here. There is ample opportunity to grow. Bring your drive for success and trust me, you will succeed here in so many ways!”

Outside of work, Briana spends time with her family including her soon-to-be stepdaughter, planning her upcoming wedding with her fiancé, and playing with their puppy Sophie.


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