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Employee Spotlight Andrew Kochan Employee Spotlight Andrew Kochan

Andrew Kochan - Business Analyst (Operations)

“My team here is a well-connected group of people. We always keep each other motivated.”

Andrew works in our Call Center Operations department as part of the team responsible for forecasted and actual productivity. His goal is to make sure that each area of the call center has the staff and resources they need to keep business running smoothly. Andrew frequently meets with management to identify and define new processes as well as ways to capture data around them. By gathering as much information as he can, he can work on finding ways to maximize the potential of each team.

“I absolutely love problem solving in all its forms. I find ways to utilize our data collection infrastructure to gather information about a given team or function’s productivity. This helps me create an accurate snapshot of what our teams are doing on a daily basis. This is so exciting because my team and I can then look to the future and help guide process owners to increase their success – and ultimately Freedom’s success as well. My team here is a well-connected group of people. We always keep each other motivated.”

Not only does Andrew enjoy working in a role that perfectly suits his problem-solving personality, but he deeply values the culture here as well.

“Freedom Mortgage is more than just a company that I work for. It has become a source of deep pride for me and has connected me with individuals who motivate me every day. Just like a family, my co-workers push me to exceed expectations, but they are here to help me when I stumble, too. It is a wonderful feeling to know that I have the support of senior-level staff as well as my direct contacts whenever I need it. Part of what makes working with Freedom Mortgage so wonderful is that you can rely on your colleagues to match your effort and, in doing so, foster an environment of dedication and unity that helps everyone succeed.”

Outside of work, Andrew likes to stay active by taking his puppy for long walks through the Wissahickon trails outside of Philadelphia. He also holds advanced SCUBA certifications in deep-water dives and wreck dives. He is an ardent supporter of ocean wildlife conservation and helped to finance the sinking of a retired naval vessel for the purpose of creating an artificial coral reef in the Florida Keys.

Andrew doesn’t mind kicking back and relaxing either, usually by cooking and listening to a podcast or sometimes just pizza and a movie.

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