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October Is Emotional Wellness Month

Did you know that October is Emotional Wellness Month? Your emotional well-being is just as important as your physical health, as mental and emotional stress can translate into a weakened immune system or have other physical repercussions. If you feel stressed and overwhelmed, try a few of these ideas to help clear your mind for a better, more productive work week:

Morning Meditation: Wake up and set an intention for the day. It can take as little as five minutes to make or break your work morning. “I will be successful,” is a powerful affirmation to kickstart a great day!

Yoga: We’re not talking tree pose. Something as small as stretching your arms and legs while sitting at your desk or doing air circles with your nose to relieve tension in your neck can do wonders.

Breathe: Above all else, breathe! Throughout the day, check in with your stress and try a 4-4-4 breathing method (four seconds in, four-second hold, four seconds out) for five minutes to focus your mind.

Tips for Decluttering Your Work Devices

Desks are very easy to clutter over time with papers, pens, and more, but your work computer can also fall victim to mess! We spend so much time in our inboxes, saving documents and sharing Excel spreadsheets, that we often overlook the practicalities of decluttering our machines the way we would a desk.

Here are a few tips to get started on a cleaner, more organized, digital workspace:

Your Inbox: How many folders does your Outlook inbox contain? Archiving and organizing your information into monthly or departmental folders can be tedious, but it will free up your inbox clutter. It will make it easier to find important communications and read new emails that come in.

Desktop and Folders: Your desktop is the face of your computer. Go through your desktop icons and files to determine what is old, what is important, and what can be grouped together in folders. Keep an eye out for duplicates or documents with blank pages.

Internet Browser: We use our internet browsers for Engage, but there are plenty of other websites many employees frequent for work. Declutter your bookmarks on a quarterly basis and be sure to occasionally clear your cache to free up space.

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