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How to Prepare for Returning to the Office

Can you believe that it has been over two years since many of us have stepped foot in an office? Some of us have never set foot in one—ever! As we gear up to welcome employees back to stations old and new, there may be feelings of worry and uncertainty. Try a few of these tips to help your transition back to the office become a positive one.

List Positive Aspects: How often can you have a spontaneous meeting with your colleagues while on Zoom? Being in an office helps not only form camaraderie with your team, but also allows time for organic collaboration to take place. Write up a list of all the things that are made possible by seeing people in person versus through a computer screen!

Adapt Your Routine: We’re all used to our pandemic routines. Find ways to incorporate the good things you learned—new recipes, exercise routines, or mindfulness tactics—and implement them into your in-office days. Take a walk with a co-worker or have lunch with a work pal!

Be Open-Minded: Change is not a bad thing! Just like our industry, we should be willing to try new things and explore new opportunities. Whether you are fully in the office or hybrid, this is a new experience, just like remote work was back in 2020.

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