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Combatting Seasonal Blues

If you tend to get the winter blues, you are not alone. Seasonal changes are known to disrupt the body’s circadian rhythm—the 24-hour clock that regulates how we function during the day. Fatigue and loss of interest in activities or motivation are common symptoms. There are ways you can aid your mental health this winter season.

Light therapy: Try not to sit in the dark when you are working. Experts say that prolonged exposure to darkness can increase depressive thoughts, so ensure you have a window or a lamp with a warm light. You can even invest in a dawn simulator clock and wake up to a “sunrise!”

Prioritize social activities: Remember those coffee chats many of us participated in during the pandemic? They don’t have to disappear! Set aside 15 minutes a day to check in with your colleagues in person or on Teams. Socializing is a great way to keep your morale boosted.

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