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Working Remotely and Staying Engaged

If you’re looking for a way to break into the mortgage industry, Freedom Mortgage’s First Flyer Program just may be the opportunity you’ve been searching for. Our First Flyer Program provides career development for recent (0–2 years post-grad) college graduates who are not currently employed by Freedom Mortgage. The mission of the First Flyer program is to facilitate personal and professional development by providing educational, mentoring, networking, and functional opportunities. The goal of the program is to build the next generation of future leaders. Here is how two First Flyers make the most of working from home and staying productive:

“Throughout our First Flyer process, our group has become very close through our constant interaction. We have a text message group chat that we are always communicating in and a Teams group chat. We have our First Flyer meetups with our awesome Program Managers, Taylor Newman and Erin Drennan, where we discuss what has worked in our sales calls and what we can improve on. We also have energizing themes that we come up with just to spice up our Fridays. Samuel Kemper had the silly idea of wearing fun hats on Fridays. The whole group got an absolute kick out of it, and we couldn’t stop laughing when he showed up at the Zoom in a silly hat. Adrian Gonzalez and Colin Burke enjoy the fun hat Fridays and believe these fun activities have brought the class closer together. What an excellent group of folks we have in AZ Class ‘19!”

– Steven D., First Flyer, Sales Track

“On top of these silly and creative ways we’ve come up with on our own to stay engaged and build comradery, we’ve also been truly fortunate to attend multiple virtual events along with attending a Coyotes hockey game in-person with the rest of the Tempe site and some of our friends and family! We were treated to some delicious food and refreshing beverages, all while getting to meet some of our fellow colleagues and enjoy an action-packed hockey game! The Philadelphia Flyers unfortunately ended their 10-game losing streak against our hometown heroes the Arizona Coyotes, but it was an excellent way for us to meet one another and have a wonderful time nonetheless!”

 – Samuel K., First Flyer, Sales Track

Ready to find your great beginning as a First Flyer? The time is now to #SoarWithUs at Freedom Mortgage. Check out all of our open positions by clicking here.


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