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Top 10 Skills for Succeeding in the Mortgage Industry

Mortgages drive homeownership across America and becoming a mortgage professional can be an exciting career path for those who want to help a family purchase their dream home. Some mortgage roles focus on helping borrowers stay in good financial condition after their home purchase by consolidating debt or helping to access equity for home improvements. If you’re looking to become a loan processor, underwriter, or mortgage advisor, there are a few key skills that will help you be successful in your mortgage career. Discover our top 10 tips on excelling in the mortgage industry.

  1. Adaptability—The market never looks identical two days in a row. Over time, your client base and customers’ needs will change. Throughout your Freedom Mortgage career, you’ll have access to resources designed to help you succeed with any turn of the market.
  2. Diligence—Working as a mortgage professional means you’ll have to abide by fair lending guidelines. It’s important to always stay compliant, and that means continuing your education as much and as often as possible.
  3. Creativity—If you'd like to originate loans, being creative is key to making sure you’re bringing your borrower the maximum benefits. Think about consolidating debts your customer may not have originally considered or look at moving to an alternative loan product if you can help your borrower save money by doing so. Sometimes, deviating from the obvious path comes with significant rewards.
  4. Confidence—Confidence goes a long way in a mortgage career. If you’re comfortable in your knowledge base, your borrowers will sense that and trust you. Managing expectations, presenting well-developed options, and remaining level-headed when overcoming a customer objection will make or break your ability to succeed as a mortgage advisor.
  5. Friendliness—Having a mortgage career is all about building relationships. If you treat your customers like transactions, you won’t get very far. Taking an interest in your borrowers can help you build a rapport—and keep you engaged during a loan application interview!
  6. Curiosity—It is crucial to be inquisitive in your mortgage job. Guidelines are always subject to change so it’s essential to keep up. If you’re excited about constantly learning new ways to help your borrower, your career will progress before you know it!
  7. Diligence—Mortgage advisors routinely go the extra mile for their borrowers. When you make it your goal to get your customer the best deal possible, borrowers take note. Putting in that extra effort every time can line you up for their returned business.
  8. Numeracy—It’s no secret that to work as a mortgage professional, you need to know your numbers. During your career at Freedom Mortgage, you’ll use several calculators to help guide your customers toward the product that will best suit their financial needs. Being comfortable talking in depth about the various numbers that go into a borrower’s decision is imperative.
  9. Passion—Homes are the biggest and most important purchase most people will ever make. Be passionate about helping your borrowers, and you’ll always find them the best loan option.
  10. Resourcefulness—You don’t need to be able to recite guidelines in your sleep to be a great loan advisor. If you’re someone who will turn   to your mentors, managers, and colleagues while you learn the ropes, you’ll make great strides in your Freedom Mortgage career!

Working in the mortgage industry can be an incredibly rewarding career, and if you’re someone who possesses some—or all—of these traits, you might excel as a mortgage professional. Not everyone can work with numbers while keeping their customer happy while chatting on the phone like a loan advisor, while others may not have the patience or diligence to analyze documents and guidelines like an underwriter. There’s a solid role in the mortgage world for anyone who is passionate about fostering homeownership, and at Freedom Mortgage, we can help you find where you fit in best.

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