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Mature man working at home, using laptop computer Mature man working at home, using laptop computer

The Freedom Fast Track™ Program

The Freedom Fast Track program is a six to eight-month on-the-job training program for experienced professionals looking to make a career change into the mortgage industry – specifically to become a mortgage sales professional as a Freedom Mortgage licensed Loan Advisor. While many positions require some amount of relevant experience, the Freedom Fast Track™ program is open to candidates who have several years of professional experience but don’t come from a sales or mortgage industry background.

“The Freedom Fast Track program was by far the perfect formula for success,” said Walter Archer, a graduate of the Freedom Fast Track™ Program and current Senior Loan Advisor at Freedom Mortgage. “The amount of help and guidance that Freedom dedicates – from preparing you for the SAFE exam to getting you ready to elevate your career in the mortgage industry – is simply unmatched. Never was there a moment where I couldn’t picture seeing my name on the Sales leaderboards in the town halls of the future. The coaches, the material, the camaraderie, the energy; all of it were huge foundations to the achievements I’ve made so far in this company and I’m excited to see where else it can take me in the future.”

“What really intrigued me about the Freedom Fast Track™ program is that it is an opportunity for re-skilling open to anyone early to mid-career, from any type of background – I haven’t seen that in many other businesses,” says Lane Esposito, the Freedom Fast Track™ program Manager at Freedom Mortgage. “Participants don’t have to have experience in a sales position or the mortgage industry, so we’re providing the training and support to enter a totally new industry and develop a totally new skill set,” “From day one, the program will set up new hires for success by providing comprehensive education to pass the required exam and then assist while they apply for the required state licenses. With that, all the testing and licensing is paid for by Freedom! Then, ongoing training is provided to ensure all participants fully understand the mortgages they’re selling whereupon participants are able to make six figures within one year of being on the sales floor.”

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