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Making The Most Of Opportunities In Marketing As A First Flyer Lydia S. Making The Most Of Opportunities In Marketing As A First Flyer Lydia S.

Making the Most of Marketing Opportunities as a First Flyer

When Lydia S. started her job search last year, one of the things that led her to apply to the Freedom Mortgage First Flyer program was the unique opportunity to complete three six-month rotations in different areas of the Marketing Department.

"I was excited about the chance to learn more about marketing and the mortgage industry and to gain skills and further explore my passions. I recently started my second rotation and am already seeing the benefits of this program. My first rotation was on the Social Media Team where I was responsible for content creation for our social media sites, specifically Pinterest," Lydia explained. "At the time, Freedom Mortgage’s Pinterest page had only a handful of pins, so I was able to grow our profile from the ground up essentially. It was very exciting and rewarding to be in charge of a project like that early in my Freedom Mortgage career. I learned so much about the creative process, content planning, social media analytics, influencer marketing, and more during this rotation. I am extremely grateful to the social media team for giving me a great first rotation experience. In January, I transitioned out of that role into my current role on the Acquisition Team. The Acquisition Team's goal is to promote Freedom Mortgage to people who could potentially become our customers through various means including aggregators, email, text, etc."

Because her first rotation was more focused on the creative aspects of marketing, she was worried it might take her a while to adjust to the Acquisition Team, which places more emphasis on the analytical side. Luckily, this was not the case.

"I met with my current manager, Mark P., during the last week of my first rotation to learn more about what a role on the Acquisition Team would look like," she continued. "Our meeting helped give me a better understanding of what I could expect when my position started. It was also really beneficial to me because it gave me time to prepare questions and become knowledgeable on what the Acquisition Team's responsibilities are as a whole. I still had some nerves when I transitioned, but that's only natural when starting a new job, even within the same company. After a couple of days though, my nerves were overshadowed by my excitement about learning new things and seeing a side of Freedom Mortgage that I hadn't been exposed to yet."

Despite the fact that her previous and current rotations are somewhat different, the knowledge and skills she gained in her first role have helped her be successful in her new one.

"For example, creating social media content helped me learn about the different mortgage types which helps me understand what we're offering to potential customers," said Lydia. "Creating content also strengthened my graphic design skills, which has helped me create drafts for acquisition emails or edit our acquisition newsletter's design. In both rotations, I was thrilled to see that any new ideas I wanted to present to my managers were not only welcomed—but encouraged. Both Mark and my former manager, Cayla M., wanted to make my experience on their team as valuable as possible for me. They both considered what areas I showed interest in and made sure that I got the opportunity to explore those areas, which meant a lot to me."

As for what advice Lydia would give to future First Flyers preparing to transition into their next rotation, she suggests meeting the managers of the teams they may be interested in working on before transitioning and getting as much information as possible about that rotation. "I would also say they should embrace the change that comes with transitioning from one rotation to the next. Change can be nerve-racking, but we wouldn't be able to grow without it. The program is designed to make us well-rounded and gain a strong understanding of how the business operates, so take advantage of everything it has to offer.

I look forward to seeing what my third rotation has in store for me, and I feel prepared and well equipped to transition into whatever that new role may be."

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