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IT First Flyer Experiences Featuring Marco S. IT First Flyer Experiences Featuring Marco S.

IT First Flyer Experiences Featuring Marco S.

This week, we feature Marco S., an IT First Flyer in the Data Engineer Track since October 2020. Throughout his time at Freedom Mortgage, he has been through three different rotations revolving around data, each rotation has given him additional insights and experiences, allowing him to grow his IT knowledge as well as his professional experience in ways that other first jobs could never provide.

“What has been most helpful to me over my three rotations have been the experienced team members and managers who have dedicated so much time and effort to helping me grow and advance my knowledge and ability,” said Marco. “This has truly enhanced my experience in the program and proved to me that joining the First Flyer Program is one of the best decisions I could have made in my young career.”

Marco’s first rotation was with the UAT team. During his time in this rotation, he and his other classmates worked on testing the functionality of URLA changes in both Sales Portal and Lakewood. “This was a fantastic opportunity to learn about the loan application process, the different products offered by Freedom Mortgage, and some of the different tools used such as Sales Portal and Lakewood,” explained Marco. “My second rotation was with the Data Governance team. During this rotation, I learned about data quality and the many different tasks the Data Governance team completes to ensure data quality across the company. These two rotations provided me a great overview of the many different data sources and platforms that Freedom Mortgage uses and prepared me for my third and final rotation.”

Since June of 2021, Marco has been working as a Product Owner for the Enterprise Data Solutions team. During this time, he has completed both Product Owner and Scrum Master certifications to better understand and implement Agile/Scrum methodologies. Since October, he has been operating as a Product Owner for a POD within the EDS team handling various requests from multiple business channels, including Credit Risk, Funding, Regulatory Compliance, Accounting, Finance, and HR. The role of the PO includes developing and refining user stories, identifying the priority and business value of requests, and communicating updates to requestors.

“One of the top projects I have had the opportunity to work on during this time has been the development of the MCR report for Regulatory Compliance. MCR stands for Mortgage Call Report, a quarterly filing that Freedom Mortgage provides to NMLS,” Marco explained. “Previously, this report took approximately one week per quarter to prepare for submission. Throughout two sprints, my POD worked to develop new tables for capturing both Freedom Mortgage Servicing and RoundPoint sub-servicing data and developing files used for the submission and validation of this data. By working collaboratively with members from Data Governance and Regulatory Compliance, my POD developed a new process to capture this critical data accurately and timely. In all, my team was able to reduce the time to generate the servicing portion of the MCR report from a one-week process to about a thirty-minute ETL job and continue to refine the data collection process.”

“Overall, there is no way to quantify the First Flyer Program's tremendous value. Having the opportunity to engage with long-time mortgage professionals dedicated to helping me grow in my career is something people can only hope for coming out of college searching for their first job. Working collaboratively with other employees on high visibility issues while still being a part of the First Flyer Program will have amazing benefits going forward.”

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