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How to Prepare for Your First Day of Work with Ashley H.

The first day at a new job can be nerve racking, but starting a new job remotely can bring a different kind of nervousness. Being sent multiple packages with necessary work equipment and step-by-step instructions may seem overwhelming, but this post is intended to help ease your mind about preparing for your first day of work. Read on to discover the tips that helped First Flyer Ashley H. ease into her first day of work at Freedom Mortgage.

“Starting at Freedom Mortgage in January 2022 during COVID-19 was an obstacle that no one would have ever thought of having to encounter. Preparing for my first day of work started the night before I was set to start,” Ashley told us. “Although I was allotted time to set up equipment the morning of my first day, I decided to set up my workstation as much as I could the night before to set myself up for success the next morning. It helped alleviate some of the nerves and stress I would have had in the morning. The step-by-step instructions that were sent from IT were very detailed and those helped me set up my monitors and laptop successfully.”

After setting up her workstation, she looked over the email that was sent with the agenda for the first day. “Knowing what is expected on the first day can help set you up to succeed for your first day. Getting a good night’s sleep is also something that is important to help you prepare for your first day of work. Not being well rested can potentially set you off on the wrong foot with your employer,” suggested Ashely. “Waking up fully rested then having a well-rounded breakfast will have you feeling like you can do anything. Making a good first impression for your trainer(s) is also a key part of preparing for your first day of work. Another tip: Dress for success. If you wake up and just go to work in your pajamas, you might not feel inclined to thrive at work. However, if you wake up, make your bed and get dressed in work-appropriate clothing, you will feel better about going to work.”

To sum up Ashley's advice, along with a few more tips, you can:

  • Get a head start on your workstation setup.
  • Get a good night’s sleep.
  • Make your bed every morning to get your day off to a good start.
  • Have a healthy breakfast.
  • Be on time.
  • If taking notes, use OneNote. It is an awesome note-taking tool.
  • Ask questions, even if you think they’re irrelevant!

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