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Customer Service Champion: Ryan M. IT Manager, Application Management Service

Born and raised in Indiana, Ryan M. has been a part of the Freedom Mortgage family for nine years. “I was first brought in as a Jr. Processor in Wholesale Underwriting,” he told us. “I realized it wasn’t for me, so I went back to school at IUPUI, in Indianapolis. I still had to work, so I applied for Service Desk, and they gave me a shot.” Working and going to school simultaneously, he was allowed to explore management. He managed within the Service Desk for a while, then eventually landed his current position as an IT Manager in Application Management Service.

When we asked Ryan what his “secret sauce” was as an IT Manager, he had an important piece of advice: be a solution, not an obstacle. “That’s how I’ve done everything in my career. When someone comes to you, it means there is something they cannot do. Adding to that will not help. No one wants to hear ‘no’ or ‘I don’t know.’ Working to help others helps everyone else, too, so I say, ‘let me find out.’ Transparency is key.”

Given technology affects our day-to-day lives, Ryan works hard to constantly learn, adapt, and evolve. Additionally, he advises never to take things personally. Although the person asking for help may already know the answer, his goal is to spark the light bulb that gets a solution. According to Ryan, “I often say, ‘I will never be the smartest or the most efficient at something I cannot control, but I will always be the hardest worker in the room.’”

Fun Fact: Ryan loves cooking and, in his free time, enters Chili Cookoff competitions! He has entered nearly 50 and has won at least five.

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