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Customer Service Champion: Mac R., Mortgage Loan Originator/Officer

Born and bred in sunny southern Florida, Mac R. reports to Freedom Mortgage’s headquarters in Boca Raton. Introduced to the mortgage industry nearly two years ago through our very own First Flyer Program, Mac received real-life training and experience for his eventual position as Mortgage Loan Originator. From studying Mortgage 101 and passing the SAFE exam, to eventually getting his license in half of all-active U.S. States.

When the pandemic hit, Mac had just graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor’s in Finance. “Not a lot of places were hiring,” he told us. “Nevertheless, my determination helped me prevail. At the time I had no experience, but I was young, hungry, and eager to learn.”

According to Mac, “Through the First Flyer program, I got to encounter all the different departments that go together with making a new mortgage loan. I started out on the customer service side as a representative, listening and helping people get to the correct destination. This could be a loan officer or servicing department if they needed to fix or change something on their current loan being serviced by us. I got hands-on training in document recovery where I am calling existing potential clients asking for the necessary documents needed to verify their income and get them into processing/underwriting.”

His secret sauce to being a Loan Advisor? Simple: when you wake up and ultimately want to help people, you will see a change in demeanor with every call. “Stop looking at potential prospects as another deal,” Mac told us. “I am not smarter than the people sitting next to me, but I can be sure I will outwork everyone in the office. The company trained me to write any and every type of refinancing, so there is always a loan product we can provide to the customer.

“I will leave you with this: see how many people you can help today, rather than how many deals you can sell, and your outlook on your job will dramatically change for the better.”

Fun Fact: Mac is a father of a mini-golden doodle, loves making people smile, and hopes to get his swing a little less choppy on the golf course.

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