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Customer Service Champion: LaQuanda R., Customer Advocate Outreach

This week, we’re excited to introduce you to LaQuanda R., a Customer Advocate Outreach Specialist at Freedom Mortgage. Get to know LaQuanda and discover how she brings her passion to work each day. 

LaQuanda was drawn to Freedom Mortgage, because she can help others achieve homeownership, and she loves to solve problems.

“My role at Freedom Mortgage, essentially, is about assisting customers who are in default or potentially in a loan default situation,” LaQuanda told us. “The goal is always to find a resolution to preserving homeownership or identify liquidation options.”

“The best thing about working at Freedom Mortgage is I get to save a customer’s home,” said LaQuanda. “The testimonials I have received have been so heartwarming. I have cried tears of joy. To hear a customer say, ‘Thank you!’ is an amazing feeling.”

“My favorite job while being at Freedom Mortgage would be my current position. Being able to be an advocate for the company—to help a customer stay in their home—is huge. Not having to uproot your family is a big deal. Homes have memories, and I always tell my customers that if you can afford the home, I am going to help you keep it.”

As for advice for future colleagues, LaQuanda offers these words of wisdom: “Learn more about the work environment, participate, take notes, and make a strong impression. With all those things, you can’t go wrong.”

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