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Customer Service Champion: Henry T., Sr. Director, Partner Performance

Henry T.—known as “Hank” by most of the people in his life—was born and raised in Bucks County, PA. He has been involved with the mortgage industry since 1999. Five years ago, he joined Freedom Mortgage through the JG Wentworth acquisition.

“I joined the mortgage industry by chance,” Hank told us. “I ran into someone after graduating school, and they offered me a position at Conti Mortgage. I didn’t go to school for a mortgage career, but it happened.”

The secret sauce to his success as Senior Director in Servicing?

“Not forgetting where I came from and how hard it can be to work on the phones. I run eight vendors, so I stay motivated by doing something new and different every single day. Keeping your team engaged is important, and the people I work with are great and make the workday go fast. The mortgage industry is a big business with very small circles, so you run into the same people. There are so few of us that do what we do, so if I go somewhere, I’ll always know someone.”

As for the advice he would give to other colleagues, it boils down to two things: embrace change and put family first.

“The mortgage industry is constantly changing, and that’s a good thing. Stagnant has never been an option. There are always changes down the road, and it makes it easier to stay interested and be successful.”

As for family, they should always come above everything else.

According to Hank, “It’s easy to get sucked into your job, especially working from home with everything going on around you. Freedom Mortgage does a great job of putting family first. I think it makes everyone appreciative, and it helps people work harder.”

Fun Facts: Hank was a pitcher in Minor League Baseball. When he came out of school, he was drafted by the Expos and pitched for them for a year before he had arm surgery. He also played college football!

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