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Benefits of a Rotational Program at the Start of Your Career

This week, we’re excited to introduce you to William “Sam” B., a Loan Advisor in the Fast Track program at Freedom Mortgage. In this article, William discusses his advice on the perks of participating in a rotational program at the start of your career.

“Graduating from college left me in a position where I was eager to enter into the workforce, but also unsure about what I would do with my life,” William told us. “Eventually, I was offered a position with Freedom Mortgage to take part in their yearlong rotational program for professional development. I now believe every company should utilize rotational programs. The upside of exposing young and new employees to varying departments of the business gives them a greater sense of how the business operates, but also what they are passionate about and effective at.”

When William graduated college in the spring of 2020, colleges were shutting down and COVID was still a new concept for the world. Furthermore, in the professional world, workers all around the world were setting up shop to work from home. “My first day of work was spent at my home in a virtual training class. While I was hesitant about the remote start, unrelated to Freedom Mortgage, I decided to buy in,” William said. “After a month of mortgage licensing preparation, many of my classmates and I passed the S.A.F.E. exam. From there I passed through several more rotations: document collector, Loan originator prep, and finally on to the sales floor. Looking back, I am appreciative of my time in all of them. For example, being a doc collector allowed me to talk on the phone with borrowers and get acclimated to having a professional conversation, but not have to deal with the immediate pressure of selling. It also gave me access to networking with people from other sites. I am based out of the Maryland office but worked under loan originators from all over who would all give me direction. I had a lens into each loan originator’s business practices.”

William believes that the access Freedom Mortgage provides its employees in its sponsored rotation programs is unrivaled. “Being a new hire and fresh out of college you can very easily feel like you are at the bottom. However, in the rotational program Freedom Mortgage gives almost unlimited access to higher-ups (Managers, VPs, RVPs) for any questions you may have,” William continued. “It felt like every step of the program I was paired with a new mentor, so when I graduated, I had built an immense network across Freedom Mortgage. In the program, I was constantly receiving feedback and giving feedback on the program, so it was ever evolving and improving. Even though I was new, after a year in the rotational program I felt like I knew more and was as prepared as I could be to transition fully into the position I had chosen as a Mortgage Loan Originator. I don’t believe I would be as successful as I am right now without experiencing all sides of the business, building the network that I have on all sides, and partaking in the various rotations.”

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