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A Day in the Life of Digital Marketing with Daniel C.

This week, we’re excited to introduce you to Daniel C., a First Flyer on the Marketing Track at Freedom Mortgage. In this article, Daniel discusses how to thrive in a fast-paced digital marketing environment.

“One of the things that drew me to apply to the First Flyer Program was that I would be allowed to learn and grow through a multitude of different marketing job rotations,” Daniel told us. “So far, my expectations for this have not only been met but also exceeded. I am currently working on the Digital Marketing Paid Media Team. This team has given me the freedom and trust to do my job, and, as a result, my responsibilities have grown within the first six months of my rotation.”

Daniel’s daily routine consists of supporting his teammates with different tasks such as uploading audiences to Freedom Mortgage’s platforms and completing various key performance metrics reports.

“I am involved with projects that focus on increasing our efficiency on the paid media side of marketing. I have already completed a few analyses and have seen a few of my recommendations implemented, which is so exciting! The various reporting tasks and projects have helped me understand the importance of reaching the right audience and testing in Marketing,” said Daniel. “Without good data, you cannot determine the success of a campaign. I am learning that even the smallest changes can help achieve a successful outcome. The biggest change for me has been an increase in responsibility. When I first began my rotation, I shadowed my supervisor and completed my assignments. However, as the weeks turned into months, I began to make recommendations based on the knowledge I had gained from performing my tasks. My supervisor recognized this and began increasing my responsibilities.

“As I close upon my first six months with Freedom Mortgage, I look back from the day I started and realize how much I have learned in this position. My favorite part of the job is that I am allowed to grow and learn as a marketer and a professional,” Daniel concluded. “Not only does my manager, Dan Lauder, do a great job of teaching and mentoring me, but so do Rachael H. and Matt C. The Digital Marketing Team has created an extremely enjoyable environment. The First Flyer Program is amazing, and I am proud to be part of it.”

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