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Freedom Fast Track™ Program: Meet Frank Hernandez

This week we are pleased to introduce you to Frank Hernandez, a Loan Advisor in the Freedom Fast Track™ program at Freedom. Here is Frank’s story.

Freedom Mortgage did a fantastic job of helping me transition into the mortgage industry within a remote work environment. I’m a member of the Freedom Fast Track™ program which is an on-the-job training program for experienced professionals looking to make a career change in the mortgage industry. From my first day at Freedom, my colleagues welcomed me with open arms (virtually speaking), as they were eager to see me succeed as a future Loan Advisor. The well-outlined training material presented during the initial lectures made studying for and successfully passing the SAFE exam, simple. The SAFE exam is a state-administered test for candidates seeking state licensure as mortgage loan originators (MLO). Although I have not met my classmates from my program in person, I feel we have bonded. We’ve become a close family, willing to help each other at a moment's notice if and when we had any questions about what we were learning. The support of my classmates has made me feel included in the Freedom family—especially when we all get together virtually to celebrate our wins.

My prior position as an accountant consisted of several independent tasks with minimal co-worker or customer interaction throughout my workday, which felt isolating. At Freedom, I am so glad to actively communicate with my colleagues to benefit our customers’ lives by helping them become more financially stable or open the door to homeownership opportunities. These pleasant experiences make me proud of the work we’re doing at Freedom because it positively impacts people's lives for the better! The excitement in my customers’ voices, upon their unlocking financial betterment and savings, gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

The best advice that I would give to anyone new to the Freedom Fast Track™ program is to pay attention to the rich material and insights presented during training. Fortunately, my trainer shared her years of experience and knowledge to prepare us for any work scenario we may come across. Actively asking questions within your class group not only helps you retain valuable information but also assists your colleagues who may find themselves needing similar questions answered.

Lastly and because there is constant change in the mortgage industry, having the support of my manager in our daily team meetings was very helpful to stay updated on new regulation changes. Be sure to actively participate in your daily huddles to stay on top of this ever-changing information. In our group meetings and in various other settings, I genuinely feel my opinion is valued whenever I give my input regarding a topic we’re discussing. The welcoming organizational culture at Freedom invites people to collaborate and work together to achieve common goals. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in learning the mortgage industry, to check out the Freedom Fast Track™ program!

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