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A Day in the Life of a First Flyer: Featuring Ryan Solomon A Day in the Life of a First Flyer: Featuring Ryan Solomon

A Day in the Life: Ryan Solomon, Underwriter First Flyer

This week we’re featuring Ryan Solomon, a First Flyer in Underwriting. Ryan joined Freedom Mortgage as a First Flyer in January 2021 shortly after graduating from TCNJ with a BS in Finance. His position has him focused on credit analysis, though he considers learning as his primary role as a First Flyer. A First Flyer’s day-to-day varies depending on which rotation they’re on. “I get lots of daily practice underwriting sample files,” Ryan explained. “I then review the files thoroughly with my trainer. After that, I might have a lunch meeting with my mentor, a group meeting to review my First Flyer Project, a PowerPoint presentation on qualifying income guidelines—or even a team meeting with my cohort. Being a First Flyer, there is no ‘typical workday’. First Flyers learn lots of different things and interact with lots of different people—a First Flyer’s job is to be flexible and take it all in!”

We asked Ryan, “Why did you want to be part of the First Flyer Program?”

“I wanted to learn about the mortgage industry at one of the top lenders in the United States,” he replied. “As a Junior in college, I lived in an off-campus house. Oddly enough, my landlord became somewhat of a mentor of mine. I was introduced to the power of real estate investing, and my landlord opened a door for me that I didn’t even know existed. Since then, I knew I wanted to learn the ins and outs of the homeownership process. And what’s the biggest step in the homeownership process? Mortgage financing. Not only do I aim to excel in this role to provide value to Freedom Mortgage and its customers, but I also aim to provide value to myself as I gain invaluable knowledge on the homeownership process and mortgage industry as a whole.”

For Ryan, the most important thing he has learned during his experience as a First Flyer is organization. “As a First Flyer, I am getting a TON of new information thrown at me in a fairly short period. It is key to constantly organize notes, PowerPoints, and other training materials so I can easily look back on them when I need to. On top of that, I need to keep my schedule organized, as meetings with mentors, team leads, or colleagues keep me busy throughout the day.”

To date, Ryan’s favorite project that he has worked on has been the Homebuying in America Project. “This project was centered around building a marketing campaign to help scale up our cash out, purchase, and servicing verticals. It was an awesome opportunity to work with other First Flyers of various backgrounds and specializations and share ideas on improving the process. The project is unique because rather than learning the process, which the First Flyer program is built for, we had the opportunity to improve the process. Not to mention, I am a very competitive person, and getting the chance to compete against other First Flyers to present the best ideas to senior management was exciting and rewarding.”

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