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A Day in the Life of a First Flyer_ Featuring Meghan Barish A Day in the Life of a First Flyer_ Featuring Meghan Barish

A Day in the Life: Meghan Barish, IT First Flyer

Welcome to the Day in the Life of a First Flyer series, where we highlight different First Flyers and their first-hand, on-the-job experiences. Freedom Mortgage’s First Flyer program just may be the opportunity you’ve been searching for if you’re looking for a way to break into the mortgage industry. The First Flyer Program is a career development program for recent (0–2 years post-grad) college graduates, from a variety of majors and backgrounds. The mission of the First Flyer Program is to facilitate personal and professional development by providing educational, mentoring, networking, and functional opportunities. The goal of the program is to build the next generation of future leaders. The First Flyer program offers five different program tracks – Sales, Underwriting, Marketing, IT, and Analyst.

This week we’re featuring Meghan Barish, an IT First Flyer with a data engineering focus, who has been part of the First Flyer Program since 2020. Though Meghan’s typical workday changes often, she always starts her day with a First Flyer huddle with the entire IT First Flyer Team. The daily huddle is led by Barbara Coscio (IT, Team Lead) who brings amazing energy and gets the First Flyers ready for the day. Barb always ends the daily huddle with a big thumbs up before the IT First Flyers attend meetings and begin their work.

"The most important advantage of being a First Flyer is the opportunity to network," said Meghan. "I've connected with senior leaders from across the company, providing me with many connections. It is of the utmost importance to make as many connections and learn as much as possible while going through the program.”

Meghan wanted to be a First Flyer because she started as an intern at Freedom Mortgage during her Freshman year of college, which is how she originally discovered the program. “It looked like such an awesome opportunity,” she said, “and it has been phenomenal to see how the program has grown over the last few years.”

As for what advice Meghan would give to future First Flyers? “Take every opportunity to learn because the First Flyer program is so unique compared to typical entry-level jobs,” she advised. “Get as many certifications as possible and ask as many questions as you can think of while you are a First Flyer.”

Ready to find your great beginning as a First Flyer? The time is now to #SoarWithUs at Freedom Mortgage. Check out all of our open positions by clicking here.

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