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A Day in the Life at Freedom Mortgage: Featuring Stephanie C.

This week, we are excited to introduce you to Stephanie C., Director of Philanthropy at Freedom Mortgage. Get to know Stephanie and discover how she brings her passion for giving back to others to work each day. 

“I started my career within the Community Relations/Philanthropy realm at a Fortune 500 company,” Stephanie told us. “After that, the Army relocated my husband and me to Italy, where I was fortunate enough to work as the Volunteer Coordinator for all U.S. Army bases in Italy. When we moved back home, the pandemic hit. I was applying for jobs when unemployment rates started to spike and job opportunities were limited. On top of that, philanthropy teams are generally small within most companies so it’s like finding a needle in a haystack when a role opens.”

“When I found this job opening and discovered how much Freedom Mortgage gives back to those who serve and have served, I knew it would be the best fit for me,” Stephanie continued, “I love being able to use both my experience with the military and community relations background to help Freedom Mortgage give back to the communities where we live and work.”

A large part of Stephanie’s job is relationship management with charitable partners like Feeding America and the USO as well as coordinating signature philanthropic campaigns such as the current Rucksacks to Backpacks fundraiser. In alignment with Freedom Mortgage’s fundraisers, Stephanie also plans volunteer opportunities so that employees can glean firsthand experience from the impact their donations make in our communities.

I was drawn to Freedom Mortgage and this role in particular largely due to Freedom Mortgage’s commitment to giving back to those who serve or have served,” Stephanie said. “As an Army veteran’s wife, I’ve experienced some of those challenges that service members and their families experience to protect our freedoms. I love being able to implement programs at Freedom Mortgage that address these challenges so we can ensure we truly are making a difference within local military communities.”

In addition to Freedom Mortgage’s focus on the military and veterans, she loves that Freedom Mortgage has a diverse charitable giving strategy that supports Stronger Communities, Self-Sufficiency, and Service Appreciation. Whether that means helping someone who is experiencing food insecurity, providing financial literacy, or helping to fund cancer research, Freedom Mortgage has a well-rounded focus to better the entire communities in which we live and work.

“I love the work I do,” Stephanie said. “It’s fulfilling to work for a company that I enjoy and know that what I do every day has an impact on many other lives. Being part of the betterment of our communities is very uplifting! I also love the flexibility and work/life balance of working from home. I have two young kids in daycare so being able to spend that extra time I would have spent commuting is invaluable!”

“Among the many lessons I’ve learned at Freedom Mortgage, two stand out to me the most. First, good communication and teamwork will go a long way. Second, flexibility and planning are the keys to success.”

“I think like most companies during the pandemic, we all learned to be flexible and always have a few backup plans. Life is going to throw you curveballs. It’s how you react and adapt that leads you to success. We had to quickly pivot our usual physical collection drives to virtual fundraisers. With the help of our Team Freedom Cares committee, we’ve had tremendous success building excitement around each fundraiser and making it as interactive and fun for employees as possible!”

“Our employees want to help and make a difference—from senior leadership to our interns, everyone wants to lend a hand when they can. It’s gratifying working at a company where giving back is engrained in the culture and daily work!”

When asked about her favorite project she’s worked on at Freedom Mortgage, Stephanie discussed the fundraisers that mean the most to her.

“As a mother of two, I resonate most with the fundraisers we have that give back to our youth. I can’t pick a favorite project, because it’s a tie between our Holiday Toy Drive and Rucksacks Campaigns,” she said. “The Holiday Toy Drive provides children in need with toys during the holiday season while the Rucksacks to Backpacks Campaign provides backpacks and school supplies to children of service members. At the end of both campaigns, when the kids receive the toys or backpacks, they’re always overjoyed and that’s incredibly heartwarming to experience.”

We asked Stephanie to tell us about an exceptional day at Freedom Mortgage:

“It was a hot summer day, and cars were lined up with eager kids inside! School was just around the corner, and on Joint Base McGuire Dix Lakehurst, a group of Freedom Mortgage volunteers stood, at the ready, to hand out backpacks filled with school supplies—all donated by Freedom Mortgage and its employees,” Stephanie told us. “Once the cars started rolling through the COVID-friendly backpack distribution, Freedom Mortgage employees met the happy little faces with options for backpacks, allowing them to pick their favorite. The kids’ enthusiasm was contagious, and we all started dancing around as we handed out backpacks. At the end of the day, we were sweaty, and our feet were tired, but our hearts were full, because we got to be part of the back-to-school excitement for 400 local military kids!”

Stephanie offers a word of advice to future Freedom Mortgage colleagues: “Always have an open mind and don’t let your assumptions dictate how you treat people. Our customers represent the diverse population in America. Everyone is different, and we don’t know what they’ve been through, but if you treat everyone with kindness and push aside any prejudices, we can all accomplish great things together.”

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