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A Day in the Life at Freedom Mortgage: Featuring Lane E.

This week, we are excited to introduce you to Lane E., Talent Acquisition Program Manager at Freedom Mortgage. Get to know Lane and discover how she brings her passion to work each day. 

As a Program Manager in our Talent Acquisition department, my role centers around supporting, maintaining, and improving the various on-the-job training programs here at FMC,” Lane told us. “We have three programs: the First Flyer Program, the Fast Track Program, and the Leadership Development Program. With these programs, we’re training participants in different roles: sales, marketing, and financial analyzation, along with shaping leadership skills and knowledge. I’ve worked with all three programs, and I love the opportunities I’ve had to work with so many different people and departments. I also love the opportunities I have to be creative and think up new ideas and initiatives for the programs!”

Lane’s background is primarily in recruiting, and often, her clients were looking for a specific candidate to fill their job openings.

“When I learned about this opportunity to be a Program Manager, I was excited to hear about the programs themselves. These programs are structured to provide recent graduates or experienced professionals (from outside the mortgage industry) the opportunity to try something completely brand new and be given all the needed training to do so. I have not seen this type of extensive training and openness to candidate profiles in any other place. I love that we’re able to provide people with the opportunity to make a total career change even if they don’t have a background in mortgage or in the role they’re being trained in.”

“A project I love working on is the Talent Management Newsletter. Each quarter, it highlights what’s going on in the First Flyer, Fast Track, and Leadership Development Programs. We’re able to recognize award winners, hear about trainees’ experiences in various rotations, learn about various VTO events trainees have attended, and anything else that’s going on! I enjoy the opportunity we have to highlight the people who have worked hard in these programs. We use the newsletter to introduce them to other program participants and departments in FMC,” Lane said. “With that, it’s an opportunity for me to be creative about the topics we discuss, the events we highlight, and the structure/design of the newsletter. However, I can’t take all the credit! Our article contributors and marketing do a phenomenal job bringing the vision to life! As a whole, the newsletter is a fun, quarterly project to work on, and it’s a great way to show the rest of FMC, leadership, and fellow program participants what our whole Talent Management department has been up to!”

We asked Lane to tell us about an exceptional day at Freedom Mortgage:

“An exceptional day at Freedom Mortgage was when the Program Management team hosted the 2022 First Flyer Graduation! It was the first graduation the program had since 2019. While I hadn’t been here to be involved in the prior graduations, I have a feeling that this year’s graduation was an excellent way to bring it back,” said Lane. “I enjoyed assisting in coordinating the event: figuring where we wanted to host the event and dinner, determining the agenda and guest speakers, picking out fun gifts for the graduates, booking flights, getting people excited to attend, and, most importantly, seeing the graduates in person! Hearing various leaders at FMC share their advice on career development, then spending some more time with the First Flyer graduates and leadership at the dinner, was a phenomenal way to network—especially with those located in different sites! It felt great to bring everyone together after several years remote.”

Lane offered a word of advice to future Freedom Mortgage colleagues: “Any future colleagues at FMC will find a very supportive environment, both in your team and in other departments. Support and teamwork are what make things work here. I’d also recommend bringing your big ideas, sharing them, and being creative! New ideas are what keep things moving and growing. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone to try new things to expand your knowledge. This industry is constantly moving, so being open-minded and willing to learn, grow, and keep moving will only be beneficial to your career, knowledge, and personal growth.”

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