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A Day in the Life at Freedom Mortgage: Featuring Billy T.

This week, we are excited to introduce you to Billy T., Vice President of Brand & Creative at Freedom Mortgage. Get to know Billy and discover how he brings his passion for branding and marketing to work—and helps people find home, sweet home. 

Billy leads Freedom Mortgage’s In-House Agency (IHA), which is comprised of a knowledgeable and talented team, including writers, strategists, designers, coders, and content creators.

“I oversee the ideation, creation, and execution of lead-gen creative, branding programs, communications, and strategic offering development in support of our company’s business objectives and goals. I also act as a liaison for the In-House Agency by staying connected to other key functions across the organization, like product marketing, public relations, internal communications, human resources, and talent acquisition, as well as our web, digital, and UX teams.”

When asked why Billy wanted to be part of Freedom Mortgage, he responded, “It may sound like a traditional answer, but when I joined, I heard about the culture and the people. Everything that was shared with me was true. The people at Freedom Mortgage are passionate about what they do, and that excitement is palpable and permeates through the walls (physically and virtually) throughout the company. Passion and excitement breed more passion and greater excitement.”

Billy mentioned that he has worked on too many great projects during his time at Freedom Mortgage to pick just one. However, he did say: “The ability to touch almost every aspect of our brand, marketing, and communications is the greatest project any creative leader could want.”

A daily motivator for Billy is the importance of helping people buy their dream home: “I would say that a mortgage on your home is much more than a monthly payment, and the importance of a mortgage in a person’s life is oftentimes undervalued,” Billy said. “At Freedom Mortgage, we work hard to help homeowners fulfill lifelong goals via the power of owning a home and bettering themselves financially. When I log on to my computer each day, it feels great that the work my team and I do has a positive impact on someone’s life and well-being.”

We asked Billy: “What advice would you give to future colleagues at Freedom Mortgage?”

“One of the aspects that has governed my career is that we don’t wake up every day and ‘go to fun,’ we wake up every day and ‘go to work.’ It’s called ‘work’ for a reason, because each day is not the same, each day is not easy, and each month, or even year, can be different in a cyclical industry,” he said. “But when you get to do work that positively impacts someone’s life—that brings joy, delight, and fulfillment every day. That, in turn, is fun. And if you get to have a little fun with the work you do, and you can do it with great colleagues who share the same passion, then you know you’re working at the right company.”

“I love the opportunity to have a key leadership role with internal and external communications and expressions of our brand. I have the opportunity to continue to build a high-functioning agency team that matches the passion and drive of our product marketing partners and internal stakeholders who all help the company achieve its goals via the power of design and communications. Plus, I like money and numbers, which is less common than one would think for a creative professional.”

“I recall being a new professional and speaking with a leader I respected who had recently been promoted. He told me that getting to where I was at that time—and in the future—was a result of opportunities opening up, and those don’t always happen by themselves. He said, ‘When you are in a leadership position, be sure to open the door for the next crop of leaders so they can, in turn, grow and achieve their goals…because someone likely did that for you.”

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