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A Day in the Life at Freedom Mortgage: Featuring Amanda M.

This week we are excited to introduce you to Amanda M., a Communications and Engagement Specialist on the Internal Communications Team here at Freedom Mortgage. This is her first job in the mortgage industry, as she has a background in editing, copywriting, and social media management.

“I have a little bit of a unique story given my first day started right before the pandemic shut down in March 2020, bringing a lot of Freedom Mortgage’s workforce home. An hour into my first real day, the day prior being orientation, I was sent home to work remotely. The rest is history,” said Amanda. “As a Comms & Engagement Specialist, I help multiple departments craft their internal communications to their departments and beyond – whether it be writing the copy, editing existing messages, or deploying those messages to the Company. I’ve worked with PR/Events, HR, Executive Leadership, IT, Learning & Development, DE&I, and many more departments over the last two years. I’m also responsible for writing the content of the bi-monthly Freedom Eagle Newsletter and help HR and Business Continuity with the company’s COVID-19 Pandemic response.”

When asked about how she handled something unexpected that happened during her time at Freedom Mortgage, Amanda discussed the difficulties of the pandemic. “When I was hired, I never thought I would spend every day on calls discussing the changing atmosphere of the pandemic and the overall corporate climate of what was to come,” she said. One day she was sent to a COVID-19 conference call with HR and Business Continuity – only to end up as one of the members of the team on daily calls, sending department and location-specific emails. Tracking COVID-19 and the pandemic in the workforce became an integral part of her job, and she learned a lot in the past two years while simultaneously getting used to a new company and role.

“I kept up with the news, sent articles to the team, and specifically focused on developing a Wellness series – emails that were used during the beginning of the pandemic to remind people to practice mindfulness, how to manage their anxiety during times of uncertainty, food, and exercise-related content, etc.,” she continued. “Mental health was so key to combating the pandemic fatigue, and I’m really proud that I was able to be a part of helping staff potentially find ways toward wellbeing, in and out of the workplace.”

We asked Amanda: What is the most important thing you have learned during your experience at Freedom Mortgage? 

Grow with the industry, she replied. “As this is my first job in the mortgage industry, I was not aware of just how rapid the market changes on a dime. Where you were last month should not be where you are this month. I learned quickly that I had to not only offer my strengths to my team or teams that I work with in Internal Comms, but also understand that my weaknesses did not have to stay that way. Talking to colleagues about their roles at Freedom Mortgage, being open-minded to learning about the vast number of departments in the company and reading up on how the industry is growing or changing are crucial to success.

As for Amanda’s favorite part of working at Freedom Mortgage? It’s the constant change and excitement. “Every day is different. Nothing gets stale,” she said. “What happened last Monday is vastly different than what will happen the next Monday. I am someone who likes to learn, and Freedom Mortgage is the place to be if you want to be open-minded and learn about other people’s roles as well as your own – that way you become a more well-rounded colleague and person.”

Amanda offers a word of advice to future Freedom Mortgage colleagues, “Go with the flow and help wherever you can. You’re going to have a lot of changes happening rapidly through the week, and the best way to build your team up is by helping, not hindering. Offer a helping hand where you can, and it will help you overall – people will know you are reliable and game to work as a team.”


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