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Priya S. Recognized as a Powerful Woman of Mortgage Banking 2022

Congratulations to Priya S., Senior Vice President of Operational Excellence at Freedom Mortgage, on her feature in Mortgage Banker Magazine: Powerful Women of Mortgage Banking 2022!

In this issue, Mortgage Banker Magazine carefully selected and highlighted women who are making an impact. Mortgage Banking Magazine believes it’s important for women to see women leaders within the industry, especially in areas where they may not expect to see them in great numbers, such as technology, finance, and the C-suite.

As a leader in the mortgage industry, Priya S. provides the necessary guidance to drive team success while lifting the spirits of her people by ensuring they know that they matter and make a difference every day. She fosters collaboration through frequent communication with her team with an emphasis on listening. She empowers and inspires others with her passion for Freedom Mortgage's mission of fostering and protecting homeownership.

Priya has been an executive at Freedom Mortgage since the inception of its servicing platform in 2014. As a senior leader, Priya's strength has been in execution, continuous process improvement, efficiency, cost savings, and quality control. Her dedication to compliance and customer experience is so unique as she juggles these priorities, sometimes competing as they are, on a day-in and day-out basis.

What makes her powerful as a mortgage banking executive is her ability to always show clear and concise intention, her agility and speed to execute, her ability to challenge the status quo, and she is always making herself and her whole team relevant. She can transform problem statements into challenges and ultimately finds the best solution for both her firm and the customer. 

“The most important piece of advice I ever received was to be yourself and to never stop learning,” said Priya. “This keeps me motivated and passionate about succeeding and evolving as an individual, team, and organization.”

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