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Freedom Mortgage’s Stanley Middleman is an NMP 2023 Titans of Industry Honoree

Congratulations to Stan Middleman, Freedom Mortgage’s President and CEO, for being recognized as a National Mortgage Professional 2023 Titans of the Industry honoree!

As a mortgage professional, it is important to always put your values and customers’ needs first, even in the face of challenges or difficult market conditions. Stan learned this early in his career as a broker, helping consumers become homeowners and consolidate debt at a time of high-interest rates. Through serving a diverse group of customers, he learned about the needs of people from all economic backgrounds and made it his mission to always leave his customers in a better position than they were before they worked with him.

This commitment to doing the right thing was put to the test during the 2006 housing crisis.

“There were opportunities to offer consumers loans that were less valuable for them and more valuable for my company. We opted to do the right thing and put our customers first, offering loans that benefited them. This was probably the hardest test we have ever faced, and I’m proud we passed. At Freedom Mortgage, we always have and will continue to put our customers first.”

For mortgage professionals struggling or facing a changing market, Stan advises them to be proactive and prepare for any outcome.

“The mortgage industry is interest-rate sensitive, and, knowing this, it is imperative to prepare for every possible outcome,” Stan said. “Whether interest rates are high, low, or stable, it shouldn’t affect you too much. If you don’t put the time into preparing for the future, then the future will happen to you. However, if you make the time and prepare for the future, things will happen for you. As mortgage professionals, we are responsible for making a profit in every environment, and we must ensure we are prepared to do that as market conditions change.”

We asked Stan: If the mortgage industry had a supervillain, who or what would it be? How would you combat this supervillain?

“The greatest supervillain is always yourself,” he told us. “If you don’t prepare for things to go your way, then you are inviting them to not go your way at all. You are, in fact, your own worst supervillain, but you can manage this enemy by being sensitive and aware of your surroundings and preparing to meet the challenges that the world will present to you. You can only blame yourself when things go awry, so make sure you plan ahead for success.”

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