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Freedom Mortgage is a Winner of Top Workplaces for Employee Value Prop 2021

Top Workplaces USA Award

We are pleased to announce that Freedom Mortgage is a 2021 winner of Top Workplaces for Employee Value Prop! The award recognizes organizations that received the highest employee feedback scores as a reflection of how they felt their job meets expectations of Freedom’s workplace culture and opportunities.

In 2020, Freedom Mortgage launched our organization’s first employer brand despite the challenges of an ongoing pandemic. In just six months (February – August 2020) we unveiled our #SoarWithUs brand story, career site, as well as campaigns and soon after increased our LinkedIn followership by 70% plus saw an incredible 172% increase in month-over-month career site traffic. In addition, our Marketing team won a gold AVA Digital marketing award for "Walt’s Recruitment Rap."

What is an Employer Value Prop?

An employer value prop (EVP) is defined as the promise an organization makes to their employees in return for committing their talents and efforts to join and thriving as a team member. This relationship is comprised of all the benefits and rewards employees receive from their employer, both tangible and intangible, as well as a definition of the culture upheld across the entire firm.

At Freedom, we take our EVP extremely seriously because it determines how our employees think of us, how we dial up the entrepreneurial spirit in keeping learning and motivation high, as well as outlines what makes Freedom a continuously incredible place to work. We want our people to be excited, educated, and fulfilled by our employer brand promise so that they know when joining and can validate as they grow, that they are in the right place as a member of our Freedom family. In turn, this award is earned through the contributions of and brought to life by the culture of our people.

The Four Pillars of Our Employer Brand

Our four pillars are the basis of our EVP and overall employer brand, which in turn are the foundation of our working culture. These four pillars consist of:

  1. Relentlessly Seek Possibility: Our first pillar is all about being hungry for more; relentlessly asking, “what’s next?” and being excited by the constant opportunities opportunity to learn, grow and persevere.
  2. Take Tremendous Pride: Our second pillar encompasses the want and needs our team has to take pride in the work we do; an altruistic, caring, and purpose-driven attitude they bring to work with them each day. Freedom’s core mission will quench the thirst for doing good by delivering on homeownership dreams.
  3. Feel Like Family: Our third pillar conveys the family side of Freedom. We’re a caring, close-knit community, united by our mission, and we take pride in being part of a greater collective. Further, we are family-founded, owned, and operated since day one.
  4. Invest in Yourself: Lastly, our fourth pillar showcases our passion for learning and development, upskilling, and growth. When our people invest in us, we return that investment with interest. We reward and celebrate hard work, skills, and efforts – making sure our team gets back even more than they put in.

These four pillars highlight the experiences that our candidates, new hires, and tenured employees should expect from Freedom, while simultaneously allowing for these pillars to be shaped and exemplified by the unique backgrounds, passions, and experiences our talented team members bring to the table. They’re not role-specific, instead, they’re about the kind of attitude, skills, and mindset for those who embody the right fit, no matter where our team members work across the organization. Each pillar details the realities of life at Freedom; the highs and lows; the rough and the smooth. Because they combine to create an honest picture that lets potential candidates decide for themselves whether or not Freedom is a fit for their goals and aspirations.

Interested in joining our team members who are delivering on homeownership dreams at a Top Workplace? The time is now to #SoarWithUs at Freedom Mortgage. Check out our open positions by clicking here.

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