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Freedom Mortgage Honored as Forbes’ Best Employers for Diversity 2022

Forbes named Freedom Mortgage as one of the Best Employers for Diversity in 2022! The award was selected based on Statista's innovative methodology, guaranteeing unbiased results and providing reliable insights. Over 60,000 U.S. employees were surveyed in companies with a minimum of 1,000 employees to identify The Best Employers for Diversity.

The evaluation was based on four different criteria:

  • Direct recommendations: Employees were asked to give their opinions on a series of statements regarding Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Disability, LGBTQA+, and General Diversity in their current workplace. The recommendations of women, elders, and ethnic minorities were weighted higher than the non-minority groups.
  • Indirect recommendations: Participants were also given the chance to evaluate other employers in their respective industries that stand out either positively or negatively regarding diversity. Only the recommendations of minority groups were considered.
  • Diversity Among Top Executives/Board and Diversity Engagement Indicators: These were also part of the evaluation.

Here at Freedom Mortgage, we value diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) among our customers and employees. Over the years, our company has focused on building a diverse workforce that represents our customers. We also strive for a culture of inclusivity in our workplace. For example, every Freedom Mortgage employee is provided an extra day of paid time off to honor an event or holiday that means something special to them, such as Juneteenth, LGBTQ+ Pride days, Autism Awareness Day, or religious holidays.

 The time is now to #SoarWithUs at Freedom Mortgage. Check out our open positions here.

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