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Peace of mind for pet parents

Pets are part of the Freedom family, too! We offer comprehensive insurance to make sure your cats are cared for, your pups are prioritized, and your lizards looked-after.

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Protect your pets

Coverage from head to tail

Our pet insurance policy is provided through VPI and offers you 3 options to choose the coverage that best fits your fur-baby and your budget. Our plan also gives pet parents the freedom to choose their own vet. 

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From our 4-legged friends

Shmuli's Story

My name is Shmuli and I'm a Puli, a rare breed of herding dog. I'm 11 years old and I get anxious when things in my world change. But my parent's Freedom Mortgage pet insurance plan let's me keep seeing the same vet, so there will always be a familiar face when it's time to go for a check-up. 

Protect Your Pets

From our 4-legged friends

Gizmo's Tale

My name is Gizmo and I'm a piebald wirehaired dachshund. The only thing I hate more than taking long walks is having to worry about my seizure medication. But my pet insurance plan helps cover me for that and more, so I can get back to doing what I love most — giving lots of kisses and stealing socks.

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